You live only once, but if you do it right, once is enough

I love how some people take charge of their own lives and set examples by creating something which no one has ever dared before, and it was my die-hard dream to be tagged on that list but as I grew older I became the prisoner of my own world, I almost forgot my dream until 2016 when I had an epiphany to live a meaningful life, so I decided to quit my job in order to explore the entrepreneur world but I had no idea what am I going to pursue because at this point childhood passion and dreams were completely alien to me but one thing I was sure that I love creative stuff and would love to walk on the same path, and this was the crux of the matter because creative field is so vast and luring that you can easily divert if you’re not cautious enough to have specific goal in mind. I took almost two years to figure out what exactly I would love to settle for but I was ecstatic to learn new skills every day and reached to a point where I forcibly stopped myself for learning anything new for sometime because it was never-ending. During the process I realized my keenness towards shoe design because I love the amalgamation of technical and creative knowledge, also in spite of being the second-largest populated country in the world, we still lack the design culture for shoes, There are only handful of designers working in this field. I know this space is challenging but people need to come forward, so I saw this as an opportunity worth grabbing for.

Now I had the goal and it was time to take some action, so without wasting much time I sorted a couple of renowned colleges for short courses and finally chose London College of Fashion by skipping the other best called Arsutoria from Milan. LCF was the final choice for two reasons, first language and, second I had this image of London as a fashion hub which I personally wanted to experience, so I applied, got selected, and now I was living my dream.

  • The class was all about the shoe construction in which I had to design three pair of shoes such as loafer, flat and a court shoe. The course was technical and extremely insightful which empowered me to craft my own shoes and the other hand it made me aware of the reality and challenges related to the industry.

Men’s Loafer

Court Shoe

Flat Sandal

Creating my own brand identity is not a piece of cake, especially when I’m at the periphery but who cares?? The point is that I decided to be the change. The point is that I challenged myself and set a goal for life. Now I may or may not succeed but fighting for the real goal is way more exciting and meaningful than being futile and who knows if I hit the bull’s eye, I may secure my name as a crazy one…isn’t this worth fighting for? isn’t this what we are living for?

The world no longer crave solely educated people but it craves those who dare to change the world, so BE THE MISFIT, BE THE REBEL, BE THE TROUBLEMAKER…but don’t be just the spectator one!