“Quit your job, buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love, never return.”

Much as this quote typifies my love for travelling, I hate preparing for it, especially, “the backpacking”, isn’t this the most unattractive part of travelling, like the pressure of aligning all the necessary things together, packing exactly the weight you are allowed to carry, being on time etc. but we all agree it’s the most important part, so what can we do about it?

As Bill Gate quoted, “Choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, he will find an easy way to do it”. So I did the same and as a result I developed a few habits, and now when my friends are struggling at the last moment, I’m more relaxed, calm and peaceful.

So what are these habits which helped me to go systematically without any nuisance at the last moment?


You must have the key information about the place you are visiting because, first, it reduces the dilemma of what or what not to carry and second you will always have a much lighter backpack and a safe journey. So the key information could be:

  • Weather: As you know different regions have different climate conditions and sometimes it drastically changes due to the seasonal transition, and in spite of the weather forecast we can’t really decide on clothes. These unexpected conditions could be; rain, cold or heavy-winds, so rather dumping many things together, always keep 3 in 1 trekking travel jacket, a couple of jeans and a quality of waterproof shoes. Trust me, I wore the same trekking jacket throughout the Leh- Ladakh bike trip and Stonehenge during the heavy rains in summer, so no doubt- it’s a saviour. Now you can have the luxury to enjoy the substantial amount of space in your backpack.
  • Culture: Some countries or region has strict guidelines for travellers based on their cultural values, like in Saudi, females are not allowed to expose too much skin so you might consider not packing revealing dresses instead pack sober ones. 
  • Safety: Petty crimes like pickpockets may be an issue for some countries and it’s always wise to check safety concerns and not to pack expensive jewellery and gizmos if not required.
  • Food: Nowadays you can get all type of vegan and non-vegan foods in other countries and if you are going just for a week or month, you shouldn’t be packing lots of food. Instead, pack the one which is rare to find and your absolute favourite, like your favourite tea, coffee, a few homemade snacks etc. I remember when I was in London, I had my Girnar instant tea with me and it was something which I couldn’t live without. So think twice before you overcrowd your bag with food.  
  • Airline Rules: Every airline has packing guidelines and you must take the time to read this. Sometimes it can be very frustrating if you have an extra weight which you are not allowed to carry. So pay attention to these guidelines as well.

#Tip 1 Jacket and shoes have so much versatility which you can pair with anything, so always prefer an adaptable colour and style.

#Tip 2 Most of the countries have official travel websites, so it’s wise not to get distracted by innumerable sites, just a quick note from the authentic website will be sufficient.


I know that many people use one toiletry kit while travelling but it’s not a very efficient way for me. I mostly keep three different kits to get my things really fast without cluttering the whole bag and it’s reusable so I don’t need to prepare these kits every time before I travel.

  • Medical Kit:  a separate medical kit protects the medicines from any leaking substance and it’s the fastest way to reach your medicines when required quickly.

  • Make-Up kit: I always keep a nice compact, multipurpose, leak-proof and non-breakable packaging products. I make sure that I buy miniature products for make-up kits, there are many companies provide sample products and those products are perfect for your travelling kit. This saves a lot of space without any mess.
  • Toiletry Kit: This is mainly for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and things required for toiletry and bathing purposes. This follows the same rule – small and compact products.

#Tip: 1 Waterproof kit gives you an extra layer of safety from leakage than any regular kit. 

#Tip 2 Most medicines and cosmetics have a longer expiry date so always pay attention while buying. Try not to buy old stock with a shorter expiry duration because this reduces your trip to the medical store.


Once you have all the information in place make a checklist and you’ll be amazed to see how quickly you’ll pack the stuff. I know the information seems a lot but once you develop these habits, you’ll be very quick to pack without any dilemma of leaving necessary things behind. I’m sure you must have unique ways of things and I would love to read that in the comments section. After all, sharing is caring!

I’m soon going on my next trip to the Maldives and would love to share my experience while I’m back. Till that time…..Keep rocking 🙂


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