Wondering what to flaunt this season? well…I guess I have an answer!!

A few days back, I went on a shopping spree and got hooked with this brilliant neon green colour. I know I had an eye on this colour since Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian and supermodels like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner spotted wearing it and this became evident when Priyanka Chopra rocked this colour on Karan Johar’s show called “Koffee with Karan”.


I know fashionistas, models and celebrities can pull this off effortlessly but this isn’t the case outside the fraternity. People are too shy to give this colour a chance. Some of my friends are still ignorant about this colour because they feel it’s a bit outrageous for them to carry but in my opinion, that’s not true!!… I believe anyone can rock this winsome colour without popping out too loud while keeping a few rules in mind;

Rule 1: Do not just wear the whole neon green attire if you are not comfortable, try to pair this colour with neutrals like black, white, grey etc. to minimise the effect.


Rule 2: Try adding some layers like a jacket, shrug, open shirt or stole to balance the intensity of the neon, for example; I wore the same high neck knit top with colour block pouch pocket hoodie and it looked very soft and subtle without compromising on fashion.


Rule 3: Neon pops a lot in the sunlight and you may find it difficult to carry during the daytime so rather wear at night and trust me it looks gorgeous and blends perfectly in the dark without putting you in the spotlight.


These three are the golden rules to be in the “Neon Fashion Parade” and if you are still not convinced I’ll suggest adding this in your accessories like handbags, shoes etc. The idea is to be the trend without being uncomfortable. It’s completely your choice how you want to experiment it. For me, fashion is all about confidence and attitude and playing safe is not an option. I feel life is too short to not to be experimental so push your boundaries and believe me you can surprise yourself!

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Thank You!!

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