Travel brings power and love back into your life – Rumi

More than 1,000 coral islands, beaches, blue lagoons, extensive reefs, Gosh! This place is heaven.

The Maldives always captivated me with its charm, so no doubt when my husband suggested this place for our anniversary, I jumped at the opportunity with great happiness. Although It was just a small excursion, we were happy that we celebrated our special day on this breathtaking island at Lily Beach Resort & Spa.  

Our itinerary was from Mumbai to Kochi – Kochi to Male and after reaching Male we again had to board the domestic flight transfer followed by half an hour speedboat ride to the resort, so the total travelling time was almost 11 hours (including waiting and transferring) which was a bit overwhelming for a small trip but after reaching the resort our experience was just wonderful.

On arrival, they welcomed us with a tropical drink and briefed about the activities but had limited time so we decided not to go for many activities instead we chose only a few such as snorkelling, swimming, Jacuzzi bath, sunset view and a beautiful romantic dinner near the beach. Also, I believe that nature has its therapeutic values so when we are at such a place we make sure to spend some quality time to celebrate the nature rather bustling around the activities, but it’s a personal choice so no offence.

After the check-in formalities, it was time to enter our Lagoon villa, and finally, when we entered……oh boy! “our eyes got lit up with the zing”. It had a Jacuzzi bath, a canopy bed, sun deck, and beautiful ocean view, so without wasting a second, we hopped into the Jacuzzi bath and after 11 hours of a journey, believe me, it was just HEAVEN.

Our third anniversary night at the beach with candlelight dinner was something very special to me as we spent cozy time reminisce the past years. We are kind of a couple who love shooting the breeze but due to the work commitments, these type of nights had been a luxury so I was really happy that we spent a quite remarkable night on our special day.

I fell in love with the beach swing as I lay down inside and spent hours staring the vast blue ocean without any distraction and meditate – nothing better than doing a meditation in the lap of nature, It’s an opportunity to surrender all the negative vibes, memories and thoughts to bring back new refreshing energies to your heart. It helps me to transport and connect myself with positive vibes whenever I need it again.. and trust me it helps!

Overall It’s been a great experience and this place is worth visiting if you’re like a “Me Time” person. The Resort where we stayed is a bit expensive but if you’re on a shoestring budget, there are various sites offers a great deal of budget-friendly packages…. but if not, I’m just a ping away to assist you in whatever way.

So where will be my next destination?? Hmm….I don’t know… hope it will happen soon but Till That Time…Live, Love and make others Laugh 🙂



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New (1 of 1)New (1 of 1)-26IMG_8692Note: Not a sponsored or paid promotion post. if you wanna know any specifics about price, transfer etc. please comment below or write to I’ll reply at my best 🙂

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