If you follow me on Instagram or read about myself you must be fully aware that I belong to a shoe industry, therefore I always seek a visit to places offering new materials and tools related to my job. The hard thing about being a shoe designer in India is to reach quality materials and tools, hence I don’t leave any chance to discover the new apparatuses whenever I’m traveling abroad. So this time I joined the HongKong trip with my husband because of his business scenario and you can read the full review by clicking Hong Kong: The City of Lights and Skyscrapers. 

Now coming back to my Leather search in Hongkong which can help you to discover industrial markets if you belong to DIY, Leather Accessory or shoe-related industry. It was difficult for me to find such places for quality materials while I was starting as a shoe designer which instigate me to write this post to help others looking for the same. This might contribute a bit to your search.

I scheduled the whole single day to explore Sham Shui Po, an area situated in the northwestern part of the Kowloon Peninsula. Traveling through subway was the best choice to reach Sham Shui Po because a) It’s time-saving, b) It’s affordable, hence we board The MTR at Tsim Sha Tsui station to Sham Shui Po. HongKong offers an Octopus Card – a similar version of the oyster card in London. We bought the octopus card directly at the Tsim Sha Tsui station but I guess it’s available on all the stations so no worries! Though In-case of any query you can always visit the customer service desks for help. After reaching Sham Shui Po we followed the MTR app till Tai Nan Street famous for leather, tools, and accessories. MTR app is extremely helpful for newbies in Hong Kong.

There were so many shops at Tai Nan Street but It wasn’t possible to visit each shop in a single day so I decided to visit only those who caught my interest. I wouldn’t elaborate on each shop because they all provide similar tools and materials required in DIY, accessory or shoe industry, so the only point is to provide the addresses and names of these shops.  Some of the shops mentioned below doesn’t accept credit or debit card so please make sure to carry cash if you wish to purchase here.

I bought some UNITERS PRO, Leather Master edge colors, 0.6 mm wax threads, Zippers, Punching Tool, Dyes, etc. I’m planning to introduce these tools in my other post, but for now, check out these Hong Kong retail shops with their respective emails and Instagram pages. They all respond through Instagram and whatsapp so feel free to contact through these channels.

I visited Tat Shing Metal Mfy  It provides quality Metal buckle for shoes, belts bags, etc. They are the biggest supplier and can fulfill the orders in minimum and maximum quantity. They take orders on Whatsapp or email – whichever is convenient to you. After my conversation with Sarah and Tiki – the sales manager, I got to know one of their reputed clients in India for the accessory design called Hidesign which made them trustworthy enough to deal.


Teepee Leather Workshop

Leather Shops in Hong Kong
email: teepee_lw@chancogroup.com and Instagram

Alri Star Leather Factory

Leather Shops in Hong Kong
email: ASF.ALVIN@gmail.com, info@alristarleatherfactory.com and Instagram

Brothers Leathercraft

Leather Shops in Hong Kong
email: brotherslc222@gmail.com and  Instagram.

The Lederer

Leather Shops in Hong Kong - The Lederer
email: info@thelederer.co and Instagram

These retail shops are enough to provide the materials and tools for small companies or individual projects which were sufficient for me at that moment but to order in bulk you, of course, need to visit the suppliers. I will keep searching such markets in other countries as well and would love to update the info in my future posts.

Leather Shops in Hong Kong

Leather Shops in Hong Kong

Leather Shops in Hong Kong

I would love to help with any query or questions you might have so please feel free to write in the comment section or connect through my Instagram for immediate response.

Thank You to Visit Little Outrageous…. Keep Loving and Keep Smiling! 🙂

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